Genre: Fiction

Forty Kilometers

Issue 1 | Fall 2017 |

  The old man woke every morning before the sun graced the sky, ate his meager breakfast of rice pudding, and pedaled his bicycle twenty kilometers east along the highway to the far edge of his world. The sky bloomed from gray into a beautiful orange as he began to sweep the asphalt. He removed …

Pushing Perfect

Issue 1 | Fall 2017 |

  Distant knocks on a door disturb a dream in which she sketches a scene of a boy flying a kite by the seashore. Or is she herself flying the kite? She concentrates on the kite and the wind, shutting out the knocks. But they wake her anyway. Louder now. Someone beats against the motel …


Issue 1 | Fall 2017 |

  I got the call late in my shift, ten minutes before I was supposed to quit for the day. My supervisor Louise said I had to do the job, that this guy had called before and his order had gotten lost in the shuffle. I drove over to his house in the Franklin Hills. …