Dog Days

Issue 10 | Summer 2023 |



The poem "Dog Days" presented in a block format, with spacing between lines and between certain phrases. The text reads: "
      each day distilled into the specks 	     we have left       floorboards cracking
      heat sick we soothe          sucking wedges of cantaloupe while coffee cups
      sweat 	     night walks after rain	  trees steep	        yellow glow    
      fireflies rise from the wet grass at our ankles                     cicadas piercing         
      as it swells 	    I could just suck the sunset		    lip a gold edge                  
      these days lend permission           waiting for what              we grow loose
      and unshadowed           all dissolves without us           I pack into love last  	      
      your gossamer                   your creature	              your smooth river stone."